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Black Friday Xbox Controller Deal

Black Friday: Get an Official Xbox Controller for £34.99 from Amazon UK

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Amazon UK is selling Official Xbox Wireless Controllers for £34.99 as part of their Black Friday sale and you should absolutely snap one up.

This Black Friday deal isn’t just for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S owners. If you’ve got the slightest interest in PC gaming, Xbox controllers work just as well on the PC. Ever since Microsoft added Bluetooth to their controller range, you can pair them with your PC and get playing.

Yes, there are other PC controllers out there but the Official Xbox Wireless Controller is up there amongst the best. You can even use the controller with an iPhone or Android which, if you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, makes it easier to enjoy cloud gaming. In short, this is a great deal all round, saving you £20 on the regular price.

Amazon UK’s Black Friday Xbox Controller deal includes four colours. They’re all £34.99, down from £54.99 and all work with the Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

You can also pick up the Shock Blue controller, though that’s £37.99 for reasons best known to Amazon. This is just an Amazon UK Black Friday deal, not least because Amazon US are sold out of virtually every Official Xbox Controller.

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