Black Friday: Get Dying Light 2: Stay Human for $20 at Walmart

Walmart Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is just $20 at Walmart, making it even cheaper to take on the living dead.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human was delayed more than once but it was well worth waiting for. We awarded it an outstanding 9 out of 10, saying that it “..might just be one of the best open world games of recent years”. And now, thanks to Black Friday, Dying Light 2 is an even better deal.

You can now get this zombie parkour game it up for just $20 from Walmart, down from $59.99. Also, the Xbox version supports Smart Delivery, and the PlayStation 4 version entitles you to a free upgrade. In other words, you can buy the “old” gen version and upgrade to the new-gen version later.

The game is also $29.99 on both the Xbox and PlayStation stores, but this disc-based version is a full $10 cheaper. Plus, if you do ever get tired of it – which seems unlikely – you can trade it in or sell it. Or just use it for a mug coaster, it’s entirely your choice.

If Walmart does sell out – it’s going fast – you can get the PlayStation 5 version at Amazon for $24.99. Aside from the recently-released Bloody Ties paid DLC, developer Techland has also added a variety of free content to the game, including outfits and more. The company has promised to support it for five years so you’re guaranteed a few future surprises.

So, at $20, you really can’t go wrong with this Black Friday Dying Light 2 deal. Well, unless you plummet into a crowd of flesh-hungry zombies, but what’s reward without a little risk?

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