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Black Friday: Save 40% on Eternal Threads, One of Our Favourite Games This Year

The Steam Black Friday sale has some excellent deals for you, but here’s one you should definitely pick up.

Eternal Threads, a game we scored 10/10 when it released earlier this year, has been reduced by 40%. Instead of its usual RRP of £15.99/$19.99, it’s available for just £9.59/$11.99. And if you want to play a narrative adventure like nothing else, we urge you to pick it up.

It casts you as a time-travelling agent, sent to a house in the North of England where its six residents perished in a house fire. It’s a grizzly and grim start, granted. But by travelling in time over the week before the event, you can subtly change the actions of each housemate and, provided you make the right choices, you can save them all.

Over the course of Eternal Threads, you’ll learn about the lives of the housemates and the secrets that each of them hold. This isn’t the largest, most grand drama but it’s incredibly gripping, with well-written, realistic characters that you can’t help but to care for.

Here’s what we had to say in our review:

“You won’t have played anything like Eternal Threads before, and unless Cosmonaut Studios makes a follow-up, you likely never will again. This is a remarkable piece of storytelling, expertly written and crafted, weaving together the ordinary and the futuristic to create something incredibly compelling. You won’t want to put it down, and once you’ve finished, you’ll be thinking about it for weeks to come. It truly is something special.”

You can read our full review of Eternal Threads by clicking here.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, don’t sleep on this deal. Grab Eternal Threads for 40% off on Steam now.

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