Can You Turn Off Auto Attack in Vampire Survivors?

Vampire Survivors

If you’re  new to Vampire Survivors you may find yourself wondering how on earth to turn off auto attack.

As you roam around Vampire Survivors, this top-down action game’s enemies home in you. You’re not defenceless and, as you move, your character will lash out with their weapon of choice. You can get your hands on additional weapons too, which also auto attack. But is there a way of attacking manually?

The answer is, no, there isn’t. Your Vampire Survivors character will always auto attack, and there’s no way of turning it off, short of someone modding the game. You might find yourself wondering if one of your joypad buttons is stuck but no, that’s just the way Vampire Survivors is.

It does take some getting used to and, at first, it can be irritating. When you’re being besieged by foes you feel like you should get to pick and choose your targets. But, thanks to the volume of foes, you have to keep moving and this, in turn, means that auto attacking feels imprecise.

The good news is that you’ll get used to it. The even better news is that Vampire Survivors is a fantastic game, one which we can see become a real time-sink. So, go with the flow and you’ll have a great time.

But the short answer? No, you can’t turn off Vampire Survivors’ auto attack but you’ll probably get used to it.