Check Your In-Game Mail in Disney Dreamlight Valley For 2,500 Moonstones

Disney Dreamlight Valley money

Earlier this week, Disney Dreamlight Valley sent out 2,500 Moonstones to all players. And so, if you haven’t visited the valley in a while, now’s the time.

Gameloft announced the gift earlier this week as a thank you for players’ patience with a number of problems the game has recently experienced.

Moonstones are used to purchase Star Path upgrades and currency – Dreamlight Valley’s answer to paid ‘seasons’ which allow players access to exclusive items. 2,500 Moonstones is enough to cover the full price of the Star Path, so not a bad freebie at all.

You can spend them straight away or hold onto them until next season: the choice is yours.

To claim your free 2,500 Moonstones in Disney Dreamlight Valley, simply interact with your mailbox. In there, you should find a note with them attached. Reading it will add them to your account. And that’s it! More stuff for you to place in the game, for free. Win-win.

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