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Dead Cells’ Crossover Character Content is Out Now on PC

Dead Cells Everyone is Here

Everyone is Here Vol. II, the new update for Dead Cells, introduces six new crossover characters.

We’re talking about proper new characters – this isn’t just a case of developer Motion Twin changing the character’s image but keeping the default Dead Cells moves. Each new crossover character has their own skills and abilities which should breathe new life into this hack-and-slash roguelite’s runs.

Even better, the characters – which have been patched into the latest version of the PC game – are absolutely free. Yes, free – we can certainly think of several companies who’d charge through the nose for the privilege.

As you might guess from the Everyone is Here Vol. II monicker, this is the second wave of Dead Cells crossover characters. Previous additions have included characters from Guacamelee, Hollow Knight and so forth. This time around, the following characters are joining Dead Cells:

  • Subject Zero from Katana Zero
  • The Ironclad from Slay the Spire
  • Shovel Knight from Shovel Knight
  • Jacket from Hotline Miami
  • Commando from Risk of Rain 2
  • The main character from Terraria

Dead Cells’ protagonist will also be crossing over into Terraria sometime next year, with the game’s 1.4.5 update. There is however, one catch with this content – while it’s out now on PC, it hasn’t hit consoles as yet. If you’re a console Dead Cells player you’ll have to wait a little longer for the update to land, which has generally been the case with previous updates for the game.

We’re sure the creators of the games these characters hail from are hoping you’ll check out their “home” games. Wouldn’t you know, there’s a discounted Steam bundle that will let you do just that, which you can find here. Dead Cells itself is 40% off on PC, and you can read our review to find out why you should absolutely snap it up.

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