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Dead Cells Hotline Miami

Dead Cells is Crossing Over With Hotline Miami

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Dead Cells is getting a Hotline Miami crossover, letting you dispatch the game’s foes with a baseball bat.

That might sound a little odd, given that the former takes place in a fantasy world and Hotline Miami is very much a modern day game. But if it’s good enough for Army of Darkness it’s good enough for side-on roguelike Dead Cells. Besides which, given that one of the other upcoming guest characters kills people with a shovel, it’s really not that out there.

Developer Motion Twin hasn’t divulged precisely which abilities Hotline Miami’s protagonist, Jacket, will bring to Dead Cells. But the teaser, posted yesterday, does reveal that you’ll get a Hotline Miami style score each time you dispatch a foe.

One of Hotline Miami’s trademark features is that characters (mostly) only take one hit before dying. So while you can dispatch enemies with a single hit, one hit is enough to kill you as well. Given how frenetic Dead Cells can be (check out our review here) we can see that resulting in some pretty short run-throughs.

This announcement brings the number of upcoming guest fighters to four, including:

  • Subject Zero from Katana Zero
  • The Ironclad from Slay the Spire
  • Shovel Knight from Shovel Knight
  • Jacket from Hotline Miami

Motion Twin haven’t confirmed when the characters will be joining Dead Cells, other than soon. Going by previous updates, they’ll land on the PC version first, then arrive on console a little later. And the characters will likely be free, which is always a bonus. That said, if we can just persuade Capcom to let Motion Twin borrow Strider Hiryu..

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