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Deliver Us Mars Shares a Little More of its Story

Deliver Us Mars

Deliver Us Mars arrives next year and you could find yourself picking over the ruins of the people who ran.

Ran from what? From Earth’s environmental collapse since, taking place ten years after Deliver us the Moon, the planet is all but out of steam. Humanity has ignored the climate crisis and the only chance to save the planet is the Arks. However, that’s not protagonist Kathy Johanson’s only reason for heading to Mars.

She’s also trying to find her missing father, who fled Earth in an attempt to start again, and that’s where Deliver Us Mars gets really interesting. According to a new development/story update from publisher Frontier Foundry, the decision to leave was, shall we say.. divisive.

Outward, the group Kathy’s father was part of, decided Earth was done and just headed off. Sure, the final game may reveal that wasn’t quite the case, and Kathy may have her own personal perspective. But we find this scenario fascinating and also more than a little timely.

Certainly, several sci-fi stories suggest that it’ll be the billionaires and mega-corporations at the front of the colonisation queue. We’re definitely excited to hear that Deliver Us Mars will touch on the complicated morality of abandoning Earth or sticking around. Though given that the Martian colony is all but abandoned it looks like things didn’t go well for Outward.

You can uncover the truth when Deliver Us Mars arrives this February 2nd, touching down on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Though be warned, we wouldn’t count on everyone getting a happy ending.

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