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Eksa EM600 RGB Gaming Mouse

EKSA EM600 Gaming Mouse Review: A Comfortable, Headshot-Friendly Mouse

The EKSA EM600 RGB Advanced PC Gaming Mouse is just the thing for digitally ventilating someone’s brainpan.

Sure, the EKSA EM600 works fine with point and click games, management games and virtually other genre you throw at it. And while you don’t normally yell “Boom! Headshot!” while playing something like The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow, there’s still plenty of reason to use the adjustable DPI buttons. After all, why mess around in a settings menu when you can raise or lower the E600’s sensitivity in real time?

The adjustable LED lights are a neat feature at first, though the gimmick wears off after a bit. But aside from being flashy, they also indicate what DPI you’ve set the mouse to. And as for weight and build quality, the EM600 straddles the line between lightweight and offensively heavy. It’s made of plastic but it certainly doesn’t feel cheap and nasty.

It’s a wired mouse, but if you’re planning on using it for serious gaming that’s no disadvantage. You won’t want any lag seeping in, nor do you want to need to change or charge the batteries mid-run. It’s extremely comfortable on the whole but, with a left-mounted thumbrest, it’s not suitable for anyone who uses a mouse with their left hand.

But the crowning glory of the EKSA EM600 is the headshot button, which assists you in the aforementioned brain ventilation. That’s probably not its real name, but it should be. Hold down the red button on the side of the mouse and it switches to low sensitivity mode, giving you the precision to snipe someone’s ear off, let alone their whole head. Okay, fine, Sniper Elite 5 doesn’t offer earlobe removable but, if it did, the EM600 would be just the tool.

EKSA EM600 RGB Advanced PC Gaming Mouse

If you’re playing any kind of FPS where sniping is an option – our first stop was Fallout: New Vegas – it’ll give your gaming a boost. Well, as long as your target isn’t leaping about like a bunny rabbit. It was a joy to use and it’s a big reason for FPS players to get their hands on the EM600.

However, while you can control most of the EM600’s features from the mouse itself, DPI level, lights and so on, we’d still have appreciated a software tool to let us tweak it on a per-game basis, saving our preferences for each game. There are drivers for other mice on EKSA’s site but, a little disappointingly, not the EM600.

Despite this, the EM600 is still a great mouse, comfortable and well-featured with it. And, priced at $24.99, it represents good value for money – and excellent value if you’re a dedicated FPS player.

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