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Epic Has Announced Fracture, the Fortnite Chapter 3 Finale

Fortnite Chapter 3 Finale

Fortnite’s third chapter is nearly over and it’s set to conclude with the dramatic-sounding “Fracture” event.

Does Fracture mean developer Epic Games is closing the book on the online shooter? Of course not. There’s no sign of the Fortnite train stopping any time soon which is due – in part – to Epic actually managing to keep things reasonably fresh.

Yes, Fortnite is a little tongue-in-cheek but even so, there’s still a story of sorts going on. That, in turn, has given Epic the excuse to shake the game’s world up – rearranging zones, adding new ones and in some cases eliminating entire areas.

Recently, Fortnite has been the subject of a chrome invasion, which has lead to chrome tornados turning up. These, in turn, grant players strange new powers which are, admittedly, rather cool. So what’s on the cards for Fracture? It’s got to be something dramatic, right?

Almost certainly, yes. Epic have tweeted out the event’s date, December 3rd at 4PM ET / 11PM GMT. But going by previous end-of-chapter Fortnite events, and the name, our money’s on Fracture literally cracking the world, resulting in chunks of isolated island floating in the sea or, even better, a black void.

Think we’re reading too much into that? Maybe, but given that Chapter 2 ended with the entire island being turned upside down while players watched, we absolutely expect Fracture to bring big change to Fortnite. And if you’ve not dived into the free-to-pla shooter, you can pick it up on Xbox, PlayStation, Mac, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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