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Fall Guys’ New Costumes Let You Dress Up as Doctor Who

Fall Guys Doctor Who

Fancy dressing up as The Doctor? The latest Fall Guys costume drop lets you do just that.

The question is.. Doctor Who? In the case of this latest batch of Fall Guys content you can dress up as the Fourth Doctor, the Thirteenth Doctor and the Fourteenth Doctor (not to be confused with Ncuti Gatwa’s upcoming Fifteenth Doctor). You can even roam the online knockout royale as a Dalek, if you prefer being the baddie.

However, you’ll have to be fast. Like Fortnite’s Star Wars skins, these costumes will shortly be taken out of circulation, largely – we suspect – to create FOMO, Fear of Missing Out. But, it has to be said, we’d sooner run around dressed as Tom Baker than Harrison Ford.

Or, if you want to create some kind of anti-matter explosion, you can mix and match the to and bottom half of each costume. Why not have David Tennant wearing Tom Baker’s trousers? Or Jodie Whittaker running around half-Dalek? The choice is yours. Well, until November 5th, that is, which is when the costumes leave the Fall Guys store.

Yes, we said “store”, because these cosmetics aren’t free – you’ll have to earn or pay for them. You can find out more from the Fall Guys website here and while you’re at it, ask Mediatonic if they can throw in a Cyberman or two, eh? And maybe a Weeping Angel.. oh, and Strax the Sontaran and..

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