Forspoken is Getting an Official Livestream This Thursday


Have you been craving a good long look at Forspoken, Square Enix and Luminous Productions’ upcoming action RPG?

Then you’re in luck because there’s a Forspoken livestream taking place this Thursday, as announced by the official Japanese Forspoken Twitter account. The broadcast is taking place this 20:00 on Thursday, December 1st, Japanese time and promises an even deeper deep dive into the game.

Granted, we had Google Translate assist us but the livestream should be more than just chunks of gameplay. Luminous will be addressing some of the questions raised on Twitter and explaining more about the game’s inner workings.

Forspoken, if it’s not already on your radar, sees a girl, Frey ripped out of New York and hurled into a magical kingdom. And, before you can “chosen one” she’s having to fight for her life, though she’s more than capable of using her newly-discovered magical abilities to kick bottom.

The stream will feature Producer Akio Ofuji, Co-Director Takeshi Terada and Creative Producer Raio Mitsuno. Their presence is confirmed by the official program page (translated here). The good news is that that same page makes reference to the game’s January 24th 2023 release date. In other words, this livestream shouldn’t end with the announcement of another delay.

You’ll be able to watch the stream this Thursday December 1st, via Square Enix’s YouTube channel. It’ll take place at 11:00AM GMT, 2:00PM Japanese Time and 3:00AM Pacific Time. You can expect the stream to be Japanese but we’ve got our fingers crossed that there’ll be subtitles as well.

Forspoken will arrive on the PlayStation 5 and PC this January 24th.

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