Hell is Others Gives a Horrifying PvP Twist to Top-Down Shooting

Hell is Others

You’re minding your own business in your apartment when a mysterious bonsai tree arrives at your door.

The only other person in the hallway is the janitor, but he didn’t put it there. You aren’t sure who did, but you’re instructed to care for the plant, and that’s what you shall do. Except… it isn’t any ordinary plant. And the world you inhabit in Hell is Others isn’t any ordinary world. That bonsai tree, like everything else around in you in your city, requires  blood to survive. And so, you’re going to have to go out on the streets to try and get some.

At first glance, Hell is Others plays like any other top-down shooter. Kill enemies, collect loot, explore your environment. There are some roguelike elements at play here: die before you can get back to an elevator in safety, and you’ll lose everything you’ve gathered on your run. And so there’s a big risk versus reward element at play. Stay out longer and explore further, and you’ll likely get better loot. But you’re also increasing your chances of dying. How far do you want to push yourself to ensure your bonsai tree stays alive?

There’s another, key game-changing element to consider in Hell is Others, however: the others. You see, not only do you have AI-controller monsters to contend with, you have other humans to face off against too. Except they don’t look like humans. And… you probably don’t look human to them. They’re all out for the same reason as you: to survive. Well, to help their bonsai tree survive. But to them, you’re a threat. And so they want your blood.

That means to truly thrive in Hell is Others, you need to keep your wits about you constantly. You might make it to the elevator which will take you back to the safe haven of your apartment. But while you’re waiting for it to travel down to your floor, you might find a sniper in waiting, ready to take you out. You need to be one step ahead, quicker every time. This isn’t easy. Hell really is others.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of multiplayer, PvP games, Hell is Others should be worth a go. This isn’t your typical player versus player affair, after all. It’s helped along by a truly eerie atmosphere and unnerving setting. Under the cover of darkness, your character can only see enemies when they’re right in his line of vision – although his sharp hearing will let you know when they’re lurking nearby. And so staying sharp and constantly aware of your surroundings is not only important, it’s crucial.

Pick up Hell is Others if you enjoy challenging, tense, top-down shooter action. There’s an intriguing and eerie world to explore, and a very interesting narrative at play. Surely you want to know who sent you the bonsai tree, and why it’s so important that it stays alive?

Hell is Others is available on PC via Steam priced £11.99/$14.99.