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Here’s How Mass Effect 2 Should Have Ended

Mass Effect 2 Alternative Ending

Mass Effect 2’s ending may have been less controversial than Mass Effect 3’s but there’s still an “alternative” ending you haven’t seen.

We’re not talking about a fan-made ending, either. This ending was produced by someone working on Mass Effect 2, at developer BioWare. Granted, it wasn’t included in the game but we’re glad it exists.

It’s the work of Violet McVinnie who, having left BioWare some time ago, now runs her own game studio, Long Way Home. “The day after we finished making a game I’d always throw together a quick video envisioning what it would be like if our characters would just kiss and make up,” she Tweeted.

We hope McVinnie got to show this Mass Effect 2 ending internally. It’s just the kind of tongue-in-cheek clip you’d show off at a studio Christmas party. There’s also a similar Dragon Age 2 take, though McVinnie has yet to dig it out.

You can watch the Mass Effect 2 ending above. We won’t say much more except that it’s not the first time Shepard has kissed a space racist. And you can follow Violet McVinnie on Twitter here or check out her studio, Long Way Home, here.

As for the next Mass Effect? It’s in the works, but don’t count on seeing it for a while yet.

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