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How Long Does it Take to Beat Pentiment?

A narrative adventure that finds you in the shoes of an artist caught up in the troubles of a town in 16th century Bavaria, chances are you won’t have played anything quite like Pentiment.

Available now on Xbox consoles and PC, and included in Game Pass, if you’re a fan of clever writing and investigating mysteries, then Pentiment should be on your to-play list. We rather liked it in our review, though granted it won’t be for everyone due to its slow pace and lack of music. If you are considering playing it, however, you might be wondering how long it takes to beat it.

Perhaps the term ‘beat’ isn’t the best to use when it comes to Pentiment, as there isn’t really any challenge. Instead, it’s more about unravelling its story at your own pace. Most, though, should find a single playthrough of Pentiment taking somewhere between 15-20 hours. Ultimately, it depends on the choices you make, how fast you are at reading, and how quickly you can solve puzzles.

Those who want to fully complete, or ‘beat’, Pentiment, however, will have to spend many more hours with it. Not all of its achievements can be obtained in one playthrough, you see, due to the many choices that can be made and how they affect the story. So, while a single playthrough may take between 15-20 hours, some players may end up spending 40 hours or more with it.

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