How to Beat Giganto in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers Review 3

As you make your way through Sonic Frontiers, you’ll encounter a fair few enemies that are rather large in size. Nothing prepares you for the scale of the first boss though.

As his name suggests, Giganto is absolutely massive, and he’s the first foe in Sonic Frontiers that might cause you some real trouble. With a bit of preparation and know-how, however, he can easily be overcome. So, how do you defeat Giganto in Sonic Frontiers?

Being so powerful, you can’t defeat Giganto as regular Sonic. You need to be Super Sonic, and that requires getting the last Chaos Emerald. Luckily for you, the last Chaos Emerald is nearby. It’s on Giganto’s head, in fact. Your first task then is to run up Giganto to grab the Chaos Emerald. It’s pretty easy – just avoid the red pulses that will do you harm as you get further up. Once you have the last Chaos Emerald you’ll turn into Super Sonic and the real fight will begin. Just keep in mind that as Super Sonic, you drain rings and you can’t obtain any more during the fight. It’s best to enter the fight with as many rings as possible, otherwise Giganto can seem impossible to beat.

To do damage to Giganto, fly towards him and get in close. Once in range, hit him with any attacks that you can. The Sonic Boom attack in particular (performed by holding the left trigger) works effectively against him. Just watch out, as after taking some damage he’ll wind up for a counter attack. When he does this, keep hold of both shoulder buttons to prepare for a parry. If your parry is successful, quickly press the buttons displayed on-screen to perform a Grand Slam. Rinse and repeat until around half of the boss’ health is depleted.

During this first half, Giganto may also try to swipe with his left or right hands. These are very awkward to spot due to a bad camera, but if you’re close, most of the time they don’t hit.

In the second half of the fight, Giganto will sprout what appear to be canisters on parts of his body which shoot lasers up into the air. They mainly just prohibit how easily you can move around, but you should be okay if you attack from the front. Use the same tactic as before, but this time be more careful that you don’t get hit by a laser. Giganto gains two new attacks as well. There’s one where he spews a giant laser from his mouth which seems unavoidable – just prepare to parry it and get ready to tap the button displayed on-screen to prevent it from damaging you. He also gains another melee attack, but it’s easy to see this one coming. Just be sure to get into your parry stance to deflect it, then quickly counter with a Grand Slam. Other than that, after sustaining damage as usual it’ll try to counter attack with a large swipe, which you can parry and counter.

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