How to Beat Wyvern in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers review

So, you’ve run, jumped and bounced your way to the boss of the second island in Sonic Frontiers. What now?

Wyvern, the second epic boss in Sonic Frontiers, flies around in the sky, making it tricky to know how to beat it. But there’s one thing for certain, you can’t beat Wyvern as regular Sonic – you need to become Super Sonic again. Like before, the last Chaos Emerald is on Wyvern itself, so you need to reach it before the battle can truly commence.

Push forward to the large structure found in the area and you should see there’s a clear way up. Once you’re at the top, wait for Wyvern to loop around before jumping on it. After a cutscene, you’ll then find yourself running on a purple-ish track. Keep avoiding the obstacles as you go, boosting when you can, and when there’s a gap jump and use homing attacks to stay in air. Eventually you’ll get into prime position to jump on Wyvern’s back and will do so automatically – move forward to get the emerald and turn into Super Sonic.

As you fly through the air in pursuit of Wyvern, use parry to return its missiles – this will open it up to attack. Get some hits in and eventually it will prepare a counter attack – parry and then perform a Grand Slam. Rinse and repeat until the Wyvern is reduced to around half health.

Like Giganto, Wyvern will grow canister-like objects on its body to intensify the fight, only this time they emit projectiles. Avoid them, and focus on parrying missiles again. This will open Wyvern up for attack like before. This time, however, watch out for quick time events that start to occur. Just press the buttons displayed on-screen and you’ll be fine. Ultimately, it’s a case of parrying when you see the boss readying up for an attack and countering with a Grand Slam when you can. And remember, go into the fight with as many rings as you possibly can for the advantage. It makes a real difference.

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