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How to Get a Work Permit in Football Manager 2023

Football Manager 2023

Sometimes, you’ll need a work permit when you sign a new player in Football Manager 2023. Here’s how to get one.

Signing players is a huge part of Football Manager 2023. Getting the best people in your team is key to your success. However, the realism of the game means that you can’t just sign players from anywhere and expect them to be allowed to play. You’ll occasionally need a work permit for your players in Football Manager 2023.

If you sign a player that needs a work permit to play, you’ll be prompted to apply for one as they sign. It’s important that you do get a work permit as they can often leave the transfer if they don’t get one. You can also apply for a work permit for any player eligible for one by going to the ‘Contact’ section of their profile.

Check work permit rules in Football Manager 2023

To know beforehand whether a potential player will need a work permit in Football Manager 2023, you will need to look up your league rules. Go to your league’s page and click on ‘Overview’. In there, you’ll find a drop-down list where there’s a ‘Rules’ button.

Scroll through the rules until you are at the work permit section. Here you’ll find all information you need on getting work permits in Football Manager 2023, including:

  • What players need to quality for a work permit
  • Which players are exempt
  • How players qualify for one

There’s also a section on squad registration. In our experience, it can catch you out, and so we suggest reading it through.

In the English leagues, any non-British citizen needs to have a work permit before they can play. It also tells us that the English work permit works on a point based system that takes into account certain criteria. It costs £20,000 to apply for, and you’ll have to wait 120 days before you can make another application for that player. If you’re playing a team based in another country, the rules will likely be different.

What to do if you can’t get a work permit

If you do not think that your player will receive a work permit, don’t worry. You can work on getting that player to fulfil more criteria from the rules we looked at earlier. Unfortunately, it’s time consuming, so it’s not very helpful if you need the player straight away.

One common criteria for a work permit in Football Manager 2023 is league appearances, and this is checked against the quality of that league. If you have a player signed without a work permit, you can loan them to a foreign club that doesn’t require them to need a work permit. That will allow them to gain the necessary amount of games for a work permit. However: some players won’t want to do this, and it’s never guaranteed they will get a loan offer.

If you have a foreign affiliate club, however, loaning players becomes much easier. On the club info page, you can see if you have any affiliated clubs and the nature of any affiliation. On the same page you can also ask your board to get a new affiliate. It’s far easier to loan players between affiliated clubs and you can sign players with the guarantee of playing time on loan. This then builds up their case for a work permit in the future without any doubt of return.

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