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How to Get More Money in Football Manager 2023

Football Manager 2023

Success is measured in many ways. Glory and goals, some might say, but you can never look past money. In Football Manager 2023, you will need lots of it to compete and the better you do the more you’ll need.

Here’s the bad news. There’s no quick-fire way to get more money in Football Manager 2023. The biggest factor to your finances is down to sensible transfers and contracts. Managing your accounts is important to the future of the club you are in charge of. Even if you succeed in the league, if your finances are falling you will have to cut back. If you are going to overspend then you need to be sure of your return.

Earn money in Football Manager 2023 with friendly matches

While there are no quick fixes to get more money in Football Manager 2023, there is one trick that can certainly help. That is to create more financially rewarding pre-season matches. Go to the calendar and select a date during the pre-season or mid-season break, then choose to create a friendly match. You can even make a mini-tournament. When choosing what teams to invite, look for those whose revenue is greatest. This may just be a little bump but it helps.

If you need a more significant change then you will probably have to start looking at cutting back.

Get rid of players and staff on inflated wages

This is easier said than done as many players and staff will be on long-term contacts and won’t want to leave and will cost too much to release. However, if anyone is on inflated wages, then they’re the ones to try and shift. You can change the view of any player or staff list to see their contract details.

You could also try offering players to clubs in the transfer tab, but not everyone will have significant interest. Alternatively, you may want to sell a better player just because they are able to shift and let the worse player wind down their contract.

It’s important to know that selling a player doesn’t mean you will get all of the transfer fee back to use on improving the team. Depending on your board, their opinions and the club’s finance you will get a percentage of the transfer revenue back. This can be increased by talking to the board and they may change it if the financial outlook changes.

If you are worried about not having enough players then you should look at loans. Many teams will be able to offer you good players and often without you paying a penny.

Another area you can save money in Football Manager 2023 is by getting rid of your youth squad. Having an effective youth system that brings in first team players and makes a profit is worth investing in, but if you are not getting regular talent or don’t have the infrastructure to nourish it, then it’s worth weaning off.

Be successful

The only sure-fire way to ensure you make more money in Football Manager 2023 is to be successful. A good cup run and getting into continental competitions all play their part in putting money in your pockets. Unless you use the in-game editor, there is no quick fix to getting rich. Managing a team is a long game, and you’ll have to ride out the good and bad times while striving for the best.

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