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How to Heal in God of War Ragnarok

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As you make your way through God of War Ragnarok you’ll find yourself getting in countless fights.

You won’t mind, though, as combat in God of War Ragnarok is absolutely brilliant. Thanks to having multiple weapons at your disposal and a number of skill trees, you have a varied range of moves, and they flow into each other wonderfully. But chances are you’re going to encounter some foes at some point or another that you have trouble with, and then you’ll be wanting to heal. So, how do you heal in God of War Ragnarok?

Unfortunately, you don’t carry med kits or the like in God of War Ragnarok. To heal, you mainly need to rely on finding crystals that emit a green glow. These crystals are often found in plain sight as you explore, but some can also be discovered by breaking items such as pots. They can sometimes be dropped by enemies, too. When you see one, get close to it and press the Circle button to smash it and restore some health. Some will heal a small amount, while others will restore a large chunk, so pay attention to how large the crystals are.

There are some other ways to heal in God of War Ragnarok, too. Kratos will eventually learn a new Spartan Rage skill called Valor, for example. If you set this as your active Spartan Rage skill, you’ll see your Rage meter split into numerous bars. If any of these bars are full, you can activate Spartan Rage to restore a chunk of health rather than put you in a state of Fury. Time it right, and you can even negate an incoming attack as you activate it.

It’s also worth checking the gear that’s available to you. Some items will allow you to heal a small amount of health under certain conditions. With the right shield, for example, there’s a chance that upon taking damage you’ll be able to restore a bit of health by performing a shield slam. There are Talismans and other accessories that might allow you to restore a bit of health, too.

And finally, if really low on health, Kratos will automatically heal to some extent when battle is over. And if you want to fully heal when out of battle, you can return to Sindri’s house.

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