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How to Improve Youth Intake in Football Manager 2023

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Improving your youth intake is the dream for every manager that is planning for long-term success in Football Manager 2023.

able Being to land a wonderkid at 15 and nurture their development is an appealing prospect, but it’s limited to clubs that already have it made. But not all is lost: there are numerous ways to improve your youth intake in Football Manager 2023.

First things first, youth intake is a relatively random aspect of the game. Even if you have set yourself up for success, you aren’t guaranteed to find the next Haaland. Also, a good intake is subjective and based on your club’s level and needs.

But if you want an objective look at your youth facilities, head to the club info page on the ‘Facilities’ tab. There, you’ll see youth level, facilities and intake. From there, you can see what you can change, which is typically a fair bit. Below, we’ve laid out the key ways you can improve youth intake for your club.

Ask your board to improve youth recruitment

Straight away, you can ask your board to improve youth recruitment. Go to ‘Club Vision’, and from there you’ll find the option to make a board request on the top right of your screen. Obviously, any board request hinges on how much they value you and how much they value the idea. But this is the simplest step in how to improve youth intake in Football Manager 2023.

Improve youth level of your club

What is also important is the youth level of the club. A higher youth level means better youth recruitment, but youth levels cost a lot to improve. It relies on your board having money, motivation and faith that it can be done.

Improving your youth level actually requires more youth staff and better facilities. Both of which will also make your club more attractive to players. If you can’t raise the youth level, just increasing the facilities or staff are useful on their own.

Junior coaching

You can also improve your youth intake in Football Manager 2023 by junior coaching. In other words, you can begin coaching young players before the age of 15. This improves the starting player ability of your youth intake and makes them more likely to hit their potential. This, again, is a discussion that you have to make with the board.

There are some other factors that affect youth intake, such as the nation’s population and their enthusiasm for football. The true extent to which they apply is hard to judge and the ability for a manager to change these is negligible. But working on improving the above factors will give you the best chance of improving your youth intake.

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