How to Perform a Light Speed Dash in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers review

As you explore the islands of Sonic Frontiers and complete its many Cyber Space stages, you might come across rows of rings that seemingly lead to somewhere.

You might see them lead up to a big boost ring, for example, or perhaps a ledge. But just what are you supposed to do with them? Anyone that has played an earlier Sonic game will have an idea – Sonic has historically been able to perform a Light Speed Dash that allows him to follow a trail of rings without any fuss at high speed. But just how do you perform a Light Speed Dash in Sonic Frontiers?

It’s a good question, as Sonic Frontiers does a very poor job of letting you know that the Light Speed Dash is indeed in the game. And once you know how to perform one, it might revolutionise your experience.

To perform a Light Speed Dash in Sonic Frontiers, all you need to do is press in the left analogue stick at the start of a string of rings. Get it right, and Sonic will move at super speed, following the chain of rings until its end. It’s a manoeuvre that’s quite easy to forget about, but make use of it and it can net you some cool goodies, and allow you to access areas with ease.

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