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Football Manager 2023

How to Save Your Game in Football Manager 2023

Wondering how to save your game in Football Manager 2023 so you don’t lose any progress? Here’s everything you need to know.

Being able to log your progress has been fundamental to video games since they entered our lives way back when. In the early days, it was was just about recording your high score so you could show them off to your friends. But as video games have got more complex, it’s become a fundamental part of game design. Football Manager 2023 is a large game, and so it’s vital that players save their game regularly.

Thankfully it’s very easy to do. To save your game in Football Manager 2023, simply select the ‘FM’ tab at the top right of the screen. There, you’ll see a ‘Save Game’ option. You can also choose ‘Save Game As…’ if you want to create a new save file.

Along with allowing manual saves, Football Manager 2023 also autosaves your progress at set intervals. You can change the autosave frequency by going to ‘Preference’ in that same drop-down list. From there, click the ‘Advanced’ tab and you have the option to choose how frequently the game autosaves and if you want a rolling save option.

Having a rolling save of three means that your game will keep the latest three autosaves available for you to load. It’s a handy feature for a number of reasons: if a save becomes corrupted, you can just load a slightly older one. Or, if your team’s performance doesn’t quite go how you wanted it to, you can reload that older autosave and try again. Not that we condone such behaviour…

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