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How to Save Your Game in Pentiment

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Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, Pentiment is a unique narrative adventure game with many choices to make.

Unlike most narrative-driven adventures, however, Pentiment is a bit on the large side. Chances are you aren’t going to be completing it in just two or three sittings, like you would perhaps an old Telltale game. And so, you might be wondering how you save your game in Pentiment.

The answer is: you don’t have to worry about it – Pentiment has an autosave system that saves your progress for you. It’s understandably not good news for those who like to have manual control over such matters, however. But still, whether you sensibly quit the game from the pause menu, or force it close via the Xbox OS, when you return, chances are you won’t have lost any progress whatsoever.

What you also might be wondering, given that there are so many important choices to be made in Pentiment, is if there’s any way to redo a choice you’ve just made in error? You’re in luck, because there is. The autosave system has access to numerous save game slots, overwriting them over time. If you’re quick, you can access these slots and load up a save made before an important decision if you’d like another go.

To access these save game slots in Pentiment, go to the title screen, then select New Game. On the next screen, you should see a prompt to access Old Saves at the bottom. Simply press Y on your controller, as advised, and a list of saved games will appear. You’re then free to select one to load and continue your progress from there.

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