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How to Save Your Game in Somerville

Somerville review

Are you playing Somerville for the first time and wondering how to manually save your game? Here’s what you need to know.

Available now on PC and Xbox consoles, Somerville is an indie game about a father making a desperate journey in light of a recent alien invasion. It’s a captivating plot with some real emotional highs and lows, and it’s accompanied by adventure gameplay with plenty of puzzles. The question is, though, how do you save your game in Somerville?

Here’s the short answer: there’s no option to manually save your game in Somerville. Like oh-so many games these days, you need to rely on autosaves. It also means you can’t have multiple save states, if you wanted to go back for whatever reason.

The good news is that a chapter select option, available from the options menu, lets you see exactly how far through the game you are. Chapters are broken down into smaller segments, with many of them only being a few minutes long. Check chapter select, and make note of what chapter section is currently highlighted. Then, when you reach what feels like the next milestone, check again. If you’ve progressed to the next segment, that would be a good place to save.

Somerville saves your progress at the start of every chapter segment, and so whenever you quit, you’ll start back at the beginning of whatever segment you’re on. It means you’ll only ever likely lose a few minutes’ progress. But quitting right when you know you’ve just started a new segment is good practice.

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