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How to Sell Players in Football Manager 2023

Football Manager 2023

Are you unsure of how to sell players in Football Manager 2023? Here’s everything you need to know about offloading unnecessary team members.

Buying the perfect player is the most exhilarating, endorphin-pumping part of Football Manager 2023 as you are securing the best talent. Selling players, however, is more of a necessary chore. It can also be quite difficult.

To sell players in Football Manager 2023, right-click the player you want to sell, choose ‘Transfer’, and select ‘Transfer Status’ to set them as available.

However, doing this doesn’t guarantee offers from other clubs. If you’re lucky, you’ll get an offer quickly, you’ll accept it, and the player will happily agree to go to the new club. More often than not, though, you’re going to have to drum up interest in the player. Head to the ‘Transfer’ tab on a player’s profile. In there, you can see if they have any interest already, and you’ll have a rough estimate of their transfer value.

If there is a lot of interest then you can list them at a higher value. However, if there’s no interest, you may need to go lower. Other elements, like the player’s interest in the transfer and the finances of the interested clubs, are also important in setting an asking fee.

How to sell players in Football Manager 2023: increase interest

To increase interest in a player in Football Manager 2023, you can offer them to clubs. You can specify an amount or you can leave that blank. Offering the player out can make teams act on the interest or become interested, and you can focus your offer to certain places. If you have a foreign player, offering them out to their native leagues is an option worth trying.

Getting offers for your player is difficult unless they are already wanted. But leaving them on the transfer list and offering them out is all you can do, apart from talking to the player and convincing them to search out offers. Often you just have to wait.

Negotiating offers when selling players

If you receive an offer on a player, it will either be negotiable or not. If it is negotiable then you are able to counter-offer and change clauses and fees. It’s exactly the same process as negotiating a transfer when you buy a player, and you can read more about that here.

You obviously can accept or reject any of these offers, negotiated or otherwise. You can delay in accepting the offer until its deadline which can let you test the waters before accepting a cheaper sum. But once you’ve accepted the offer, the player will be able to discuss terms with that club. You can accept multiple offers for the same player and ask clubs to match an opposing team’s fee.

The player may not agree to a contract with the buying team and therefore the sale will not go through. This is often because the player believes that the club is not a good move for their career, the club can’t afford them or they are happier with you. You can interact with the player to encourage them to accept certain offers, but they aren’t always able to be persuaded.

If the player accepts a contract then you will be presented with the option to accept the deal. You can reject it at the last moment or stall the offer if you are not sure. If you stall for too long then the transfer will fall apart. But if you accept, then the transfer will go through on the specified date of the transfer.

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