How to Start the Bloody Ties DLC in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Bloody Ties review 2 (1)

The first expansion for Dying Light 2 is finally here, and it allows you to take part in a brutal tournament.

In Bloody Ties, an organised bloodsport has been brought to your attention, and it’s believed that its creators have ulterior motives. And so, of course you’re going to try and sign up. Things get more complicated, however, when you make a new friend in the process. But how do you start the Bloody Ties content in Dying Light 2, you might be wondering?

It may seem obvious, but to start the Bloody Ties content in Dying Light 2 you first need to make sure that you have it purchased and installed. Once you’re happy that’s done, boot up the game. Like lots of DLC, Bloody Ties is woven into the story of Dying Light 2, so you can’t simply access it from the main menu. It’s up to you, then: you can either start a new game and jump into the Bloody Ties quest line as it appears, or load up a previous save and go in with your existing skills.

You can start the Bloody Ties quest line early on in Dying Light 2 – pretty much as soon as you’ve found your feet in Villedor, in fact. A pop up will appear on the screen, informing you that it’s available, and after that it’s up to you when you jump into it. To begin the Bloody Ties quest line, simply go into your Journal and track the ‘First Blood’ quest.

It’s perhaps better leaving the quest until later in the game, however, as then you’ll have some better combat and parkour skills under your belt which will come in very handy. And besides, you can’t complete the Bloody Ties quest line until you’ve made a decent dent in the game’s story anyway. That’s because eventually you’ll need access to the Central Loop area to play the main brunt of it.

Basically then, you can start the Bloody Ties quest line in Dying Light 2 after completing the game’s prologue – all you need to do is track the quest ‘First Blood’. To finish it, however, you’ll have had to complete the quest ‘A Place to Call Home’ in the main story. And you’re perhaps better leaving it until later as you’ll have more of a fighting chance.

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