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It’s Not Halloween Anymore, But Infernax’s Halloween Update is Still Worth Your Time

Infernax Halloween Update

Yes, yes, we’re a week or so late to the party. That’s us: fashionably late and missing all the good stuff. But Infernax‘s Halloween update is still wonderfully entertaining, even a week into November.

Released on 25th October, Infernax‘s free update adds a new horror-themed character, The Stranger, along with a number of fixes. We’ll get to the minor updates later. For now, we need to talk about that new character.

Who is he? Well, that’s part of the fun. He’s some sort of amalgamation of Friday the 13th’s Jason Vorhees and… Evil Dead’s Ash Williams? Jason with a shotgun? We’re not sure. But we’re here for it. He’s wearing a hockey mask, and his outfit looks remarkably familiar to a pixelated version of something we can imagine Ash in.

It’s the addition of that shotgun that really makes the Stranger a lot of fun to play as. With it, playing Infernax¬†feels rather different, and so even if you’ve completed it, it’s worth jumping back in. You can swing your melee weapon at enemies that get a little too close, or use your shotgun to cause more damage to those at range. There’s infinite ammo, but you’ll need to watch out for the recoil, sending you flying back a few paces. Don’t shoot your foes too near to a cliff edge is what we’re saying.

Aside from a super-cool new character to play as, Infernax‘s latest update fixes a number of bugs. You can read the full list of fixes here, but we’ve summarised them below:

  • Fixed bug when setting ‘camera shakes’ to ‘minimal’
  • Performance fixed at Cathedral in the rain
  • Fixed ‘Trouble at the Cathedral’ quest not properly triggering
  • Eating Wall Chicken will now display proper hero portrait
  • Fixed crash during ‘Protect Darsov’ quest
  • Can no longer kill Tancred with the bike

So: if you need a reason to jump into¬†Infernax, this is it. We loved this retro-inspired Metroidvania when we first played it back in February, and with updates like this it’s only getting better and better. It won’t be the last new drop to the game either, but we’ll have to wait and see what future updates have in store.

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