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Meta Quest 2 is Getting a New, Cheaper Resident Evil 4 Bundle

Resident Evil 4 Quest 2

With Christmas just round the corner, Meta has announced a new money-saving Meta Quest 2 bundle.

Depending which bundle you plump for, you’ll save either $50 or $70 on this standalone VR headset’s regular price. Plus, you’ll get Resident Evil 4 VR and Beat Saber into the bargain. The latter is being given away to all purchasers of a Meta Quest 2 but Resident Evil 4 is a new addition and it’s a must play, even if you’ve tackled the original.

The deal kicks off this November 18th and will run a “limited time”. As for the prices, it’ll be $349.99 USD and $429.99 USD for the 128GB and 256GB models. It’s possible that these prices, minus Resident Evil 4, will continue after Christmas but Meta has yet to confirm that.

So what’s the catch? There’s no “catch” as such, but Meta did raise the price of the Quest 2 a while ago. So while the Meta Quest 2 is cheaper than it was, it’s still more expensive than it was last year. Meta’s insistence – or rather Mark Zuckerburg’s insistence – on diving into the “metaverse” has not been particularly profitable so far. Raising the Quest 2’s price was essentially a response to those losses, and throwing in Beat Saber didn’t quite cover the $100 price hike.

But if you’ve not got a Quest 2, you should absolutely pick one up. It’s $200 or so cheaper than the upcoming PSVR2 and aside from working stand-alone, you can also play PCVR games with it, tethered to a PC. In. You can check out our full review here.

As for this deal, you can snag it from November 18th from Amazon, Meta themselves or a range of other outlets. Check out Meta’s deal page to find out more.

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