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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title Update 3

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title Update 3 Comes Later This Month

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is getting a free title update later this month, and it’s looking juicy.

If you’re still battling your way through Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – and why wouldn’t you be? – we’ve got some good news. At a digital event for the game today, Capcom has released information about the update schedule for the title. The next major update is coming on 24th November, and it’ll be completely free for all players.

The update, catchily-titled Free Title Update 3, adds a wealth of new content to Monster Hunter Rise, including new monsters, more customisation options and updates to in-game systems.

Once the new update arrives in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you’ll be able to bring a follower with you on most Master Rank Quests, Anomaly Quests and Investigations. There’s also a new set of high level Animal Quests to dive into, where you’ll face off against Flaming Espinas, Scorned Magnamalo, and Seething Bazelgeuse. To make these quests even tougher and to add longevity, the level cap will be raised to 200.

Armor augments will see a small update, too: you’ll be able to choose between Defense or Skills for augments, providing greater opportunities to craft the perfect equipment. You’ll also be able to jump into weekly event quests, where you can earn unique rewards.

Of course, it’s the monsters that players are most likely going to be most interested in. Three new creatures will appear around the Elgado Outpost, which are as follows:

  • Chaotic Gore Magala: The Gore Magala sheds skin multiple times, eventually turning into its adult form, Shagaru Magala. However, sometimes that evolution doesn’t quite go to plan, and when a malformation happens, the Chaotic Gore Magala is born. With features of both the Gore Magala and Shagaru Magala, they’re incredibly powerful.
  • Risen Telstra and Risen Kushala Daora: Afflicted versions of Telstra and Kushala are more formidable than ever. Their angry, powerful states mean that you’ll need to be at least rank MR120 to take on Risen Kushala Daora, amd MR140 before facing Risen Teostra.

Give the trailer a watch below:

If that’s not enough for you, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak‘s Free Title Update 4 and 5 have also been pencilled in, too. Update 4 will come in early 2023, with Title Update 5 following in the spring.

For more information on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, give our review a read here.

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