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Noblechairs Legend TX

Noblechairs Legend TX Gaming Chair Review: Exquisite Style and Comfort

Noblechairs boasts that the Legend TX is designed to perfection. After making use of one, we’re inclined to agree.

Making gaming chairs isn’t something that’s new to Noblechairs, and with the Legend TX it’s taken its greatest features and smooshed them together while also coming up with a new, more mature look. Needless to say, this is a chair that leaves you asking for very little, and it doesn’t look out of place in a serious office or a gaming den.

Upon delivery of a Legend TX, you’ll find that it comes excellently boxed. Everything is packed in neatly and securely, making sure it gets to you without any breakages or marks. We particularly like the inclusion of a little box of accessories, which includes all the bolts you need, plus spares and an allen key/phillips head screwdriver combo tool. So, there’s everything you need to get the chair constructed without any hiccups.

Of course, the first thing you should retrieve is the instruction manual. Made of high quality card it’s durable, but more importantly, it has very clear, logical instructions. Ultimately, building the Legend TX isn’t very challenging at all. Although you’re probably better off having someone at hand to give you some help at one or two crucial points.

To begin with, you simply take the seat, which already has an armrest attached, and then attach the other armrest by removing some bolts and then putting them back in when the armrest is in place. Once that is done, you then attach a mechanism to the bottom of the chair using four more bolts, before placing the wheels in the metal base and turning it upright. The hydraulic gas lift and its cover is then seated on top of the base, ready for the seat and attached arms to be carefully placed on top. It’s at this point that you’re best having a friend or family member help you.

Noblechairs Legend TX dimensions

With the brunt of the chair built, it’s then just a case of grabbing the large, sleek backrest, removing a pair of bolts from either side, and then moving it into position to attach it to the rest of the chair. This is where you’ll certainly appreciate some help. The finishing touches are a duo of covers to hide the some metalwork at either side of the chair, and the application of a pillow set if you feel more comfortable with it.

There’s one more thing to do before you can think about getting comfy, however: remove a bolt from backrest mechanism on the right-hand side of the chair. You might miss this if you don’t pay close attention to the instructions, believing your chair is simply broken instead.

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Once the chair is built and functioning as it should, you’ll find it has all the functions you could ask for. You can raise and lower its height, change the angle of the backrest, and even tilt the entire seat. There’s a dial for lumbar support, too, changing the shape of the backrest to better suit your back. Throw in multiple ways to manipulate the arm rests, and you have a chair you can tweak to your specific needs.

Most importantly, it’s very comfortable. The seat and backrest are firm, but soft enough to provide a pleasant and relaxing experience when sat for long periods of time. We’ve certainly not had any issues being sat in it during working hours. An airhole in the backrest and the use of cold-foam upholstery also ensures you don’t get too hot and stuffy.

We opted for the anthracite model of the Noblechairs Legend TX for review, which has a fabric covering. It’s hard-wearing and durable – great for those like us who have cats and other pets that like to get a little scratchy. If your chair is going to be in a safer environment, however, you can opt for high-tech faux leather upholstery instead, which comes with a choice of colourways including white, black, java, and a white, red and black combo.

Noblechairs Legend TX

Perhaps the only issue we can find with the Noblechairs Legend TX is that the armrests are a little bit wobbly. But this is a problem found with most gaming chairs, and arises due to the sheer number of ways they can be configured by the user. It’s a small price to pay, and something you’re going to lose sleep about.

Starting at £419.99 for the anthracite fabric model, and peaking at £459.95 for some of the high-tech faux leather variants, the Noblechairs Legend TX isn’t cheap. It’s competitively priced in the high-quality gaming chair space though, and can you really put a price on your health and comfort? This is a chair you’ll be pleased to own thanks to the support and comfort it offers to not only your backside but also your back. And with its hard-wearing materials, we reckon it will last you years.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a gaming chair, and want something that looks elegant and also packs in all the features you could need, it’s very much worth considering the Noblechairs Legend TX. We’ve quickly fallen in love with its mature styling, and with it offering the usual comfort and durability found in a Noblechairs product, it’s highly recommended.

The Noblechairs Legend TX is available from the official Noblechairs website and other stockists such as Overclockers.

With thanks to Noblechairs for providing a Legend TX unit for the purpose of this review.

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