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Prime: Metroid Reimagined Promises a Fresh Take on Metroid Prime’s Music

Prime: Metroid Reimagined

We’re suckers for a good video game tribute album which is why we hope Prime: Metroid Reimagined delivers.

Out later this month, Prime: Metroid Reimagined is a new take on Metroid Prime’s famous soundtrack And, given that it’s 20 years since the action adventure hit GameCube, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

It’ll be more than just an music album though you can, when its released, still listen to it as such. Each track will also feature “animated diorama videos”, one for each of six Metroid Prime locations, each, again, given a fresh twist.

The album is being masterminded by video game remix artist Zeke Fenelon, though it’s a collaboration between multiple artists. But it’s not just a case of each track having their own unique spin, there’s a definite theme going on.

Specifically, Prime: Metroid Reimagined will feature a “an intimate acoustic ensemble grounded firmly in the natural world”. That might sound like an odd decision sine Metroid Prime is about a bounty hunter shooting monsters in the face. But the game’s environments aren’t purely man-made – nature, albeit alien nature, definitely creeps in.

But will it be any good? We certainly hope so. The aforementioned sample track, Space Jump, proved to be a pleasing listen, even if it did, momentarily, turn into Monkey Island in our heads.

The album is released this November 17th, with a YouTube premiere of the album. You can purchase it from BandCamp, which will give you one of the album’s tracks right now and we’d also expect it to also be available from the usual sources. You can find out more via the Prime: Metroid Reimagined website.

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