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PSVR 2 Has a Price… And You’re Not Going to Like It

Sony has just revealed a release date and a price for the upcoming second iteration of PlayStation VR. But it’s so eye-wateringly expensive that you’re not going to like it.

Let’s just get straight to the chase. PSVR 2 will launch on 22nd February globally, and it’ll be priced at $549.99 / £529.99. That’s far more expensive than we were anticipating. It’s more expensive than a PS5 console – which is needed to use the headset – and much more expensive than its leading competitor, the Meta Quest 2, which is a standalone VR headset.

Honestly, we’re surprised. $550/£530 is far more than we expected the PSVR 2 to cost. And considering Sony’s recent announcement that original PSVR games would not be backwards compatible with the device, it’s not looking great for the new PlayStation VR headset.

We are – or at least, we were – excited to get our hands on PSVR 2. We have no doubt it’ll boast some of the best virtual reality video game tech to date, and some of the announced games – including Horizon: Call of the Mountain – will no doubt be showstoppers. But we’re concerned about how many people will actually be willing to stump up that much money for the device. We’re in a cost of living crisis, after all.

Still, if somehow you can afford to stump up the cash – $550/£530, in case you need reminding – you have a few options. The headset is available by itself, and it comes bundled with stereo headphones and two PSVR2 Sense controllers as standard. You can also opt for a bundle with Horizon: Call of the Mountain which will cost $599.99/£569.99.

There’s also a standalone accessory, because of course there is. An official controller charging station for your Sense controllers is available for £39.99/$49.99, which will release on the same day.

Pre-orders for the PSVR 2 will open on 15th November. If you’re in the US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, you’ll  only be able to order via the PlayStation Direct store initially. In other markets, you’ll find pre-orders at various retailers.

So. Yes. 22nd February. $549.99/£529.99. Pre-orders open 15th November. Now excuse us while we go sob into a pillow.

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