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Resi-Inspired Inventory Management Puzzle Save Room is Coming to Consoles Next Week

Save Room

Hands up: who gets a kick out of managing their inventory in video games?

We’ve got to admit, we do. It might be frustrating in the heat of the moment in classic survival horror games, but given the chance to sink into a bit of organisation? We’re here for it. And we’re not alone. With games like Unpacking and Backpack Hero making waves, many of us get a kick out of sorting stuff out. Enter Save Room, a game coming to consoles next week inspired by the inventory management system of games like classic Resident Evil.

We’ve written about Save Room before, which has been available on PC for some time. Developer Fractal Projects has unabashedly taken the frustration of managing your inventory in Resident Evil and turned it into a whole game. Combine your bullets and potions, rotate your guns for maximum efficiency, the works: it’s all here. Save Room is one inventory management puzzle after another, and we’re absolutely here for it.

It’s not the longest game in the world: there are 40 puzzles altogether, and the PC version has taken people a couple of hours or less to complete. It’s to be expected: as cathartic as inventory management can be, there’s realistically only so much of it we can do. And a couple of hours feels about right. Thankfully, Save Room has a nice budget price to go along with it: $4.99.

Give the trailer a watch below:

If sorting weapons and consumables into different-shaped grids for a couple of hours, sounds like your jam, then Save Room is definitely the game for you. It’ll be available on 11th November on PS4, PS5, Xbox One Xbox Series X/S and Switch, priced at $4.99. If you absolutely can’t wait, it’s already available on Steam where it’ll cost you a measly £2.49/$2.99.

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