Ridiculous Pet Sim Wobbledogs is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Wobbledogs Switch

Wobbledogs: Console Edition is arriving on Nintendo Switch next week, letting you take the bizarre pet game on the go.

And we do mean bizarre, because these aren’t regular dogs. The animals you aid and raise in Wobbledogs have – as the title suggests – weird wobbly bodies. They also lay eggs – dog eggs – and yes, developer Animal Uprising absolutely knew the implication when it added that mechanic to the game.

Wobbledogs impressed us when we got our hands on it back in March. We remarked that players would “..probably gleam several hours of happiness, mindlessly watching your oh-so-colourful wobbledogs wobble around the screen, doing things that only digital dogs can do”. Plus, you can poke around in their guts to see how their gut bacteria is doing. No, we’re absolutely not making this up.

However, we were also a little traumatised when one of our dogs passed away and another started munching away at its bones. So if you want a less harrowing experience we’d recommend you turn animal death off. Still, there’s no denying that – while they’ve got a pulse – the wobbledogs are absolutely adorable.

The Nintendo Switch version is set for a November 17th release, priced at $19.99. You can pre-order it right now from the Nintendo eShop, should you be up to the task of looking after these unconventional canines.