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Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Gets a New “What is this Game?” Trailer

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened What is This Game

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened has a new trailer dubbed “What is this Game”?

Announced back in July of last year, Sherlock Holmes The Awakened is a remake of Frogwares’ own their 2007 game, built from the ground up. The answer to this trailer’s question is, we hope, “a deeply, deeply unsettling Lovecraftian detective game” but it goes into a little more depth than that.

It reveals that Sherlock Holmes The Awakened will offer around fifteen hours of gameplay, with semi-open levels. There’s no mention of side-quests, which figured into Frogwares’ The Sunken City. But given that this game is being produced under pressure, that’s entirely understandable.

Frogwares is a Ukrainian developer and, with their country being invaded by Russia, they needed a project with a scope that wasn’t suddenly going to balloon. The game has been partly funded by a Kickstarter which, in turn, has given Frogwares’ employees something of a financial safety net. That said, many are still living in a country that’s regularly being bombarded.

So what else does the trailer shed light on? It confirms that you’ll get get to play as John Watson at some point. It also reveals that the version of Sherlock Holmes you control is relatively young. We’ve not read Sherlock Holmes in a while but we do recall the pair met when they were middle-aged. Given that it’s already stretching canon by throwing Cthulhu into the mix, we can live with that.

Finally, the trailer confirms that the game should arrive on PC and console this February/March. It was down for a Q1 release, but that rules January out. You can check out the trailer above and wishlist Sherlock Holmes The Awakened on Steam.

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