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Silent Hill 2 Looks Just Adorable in Dreams

Silent Hill 2 Dreams

Bloober Team may be remaking Silent Hill 2 but it’s also been given a Dreams makeover and it’s adorable to behold.

3D artist Time Spent Elsewhere, inspired by this YouTube playthrough, has recreated a small section of Silent Hill 2, with some wonderfully cutesy-looking characters. It’s an animation rather than a full-on playable chunk of the game, but it’s still pretty impressive. And it’s all been created in Dreams, Media Molecule’s PlayStation-based creative tool.

Even though protagonist James Sunderland looks a little like a Funko Pop, he’s much less dead-eyed than those plastic collectibles. It helps that he’s chasing down one of the game’s Lying Figures, a situation Silent Hill 2 players will understand. You think you’ve dispatched one and two minutes later it’s skittering around and limboing under cards.

Pyramid Head is also on hand to laugh at James’s misfortune, minus his trademark knife. Poor old James keeps flailing away as the Lying Figure races around. Maybe if he used a pillow or something…

Feast your eyes on the full video above though it may leave you craving a complete, cutesy Silent Hill 2. We’d certainly pay good money to play the whole game in Dreams. Though the last time we delved into Dreams, it seemed that, fantastic as it is, it can’t really handle massive multiple-location games. Looks like it’s down to Bloober team for now.

You can check out Time Spent Elsewhere’s Twitter, buy them a Ko-Fi here, and watch the YouTube video that inspired this Dreams creation. Or if you want to try your hand at creating something wonderful in Dreams, it’s currently on sale for a ridiculous £13.99.

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