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Splinter Cell is Becoming a Radio 4 Audio Play

Splinter Cell Firewall Radio 4 Play

There’s a new Splinter Cell on the way and it’s a Radio 4 audio play. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that Michael Ironside, who’s played the character in six Splinter Cell games, alongside the odd cameo, isn’t involved in the radio series. Instead, the goggle-wearing super-sneak is played by Andonis Anthony, from farming drama The Archers. We’re sure he’ll do a good job we’re definitely going to miss Ironside.

The series will also feature Daisy Head, as Fisher’s daughter Sarah as well as Rosalie Craig, Sacha Dhawan and Nikesh Patel and Will Poulter. The series, Splinter Cell: Firewall is based on the novel of the same name, released this June. The novel sees Fisher training the next generation of operatives, including his daughter. So it may well be that Fisher takes a back seat compared to the new trainees.

The eight-part series will be broadcast every Friday at 2.15pm on Radio 4, starting on the 2nd of December. It’s been recorded in 3D Binaural meaning that listening with headphones should offer a better experience. We’re tempted to find the oldest, clunkiest radio we can and listen to it on that, just to be awkward.

This series aside, a “new” Splinter Cell game is on the works, a remake of the original. Though, again, Michael Ironside almost certainly won’t be involved, more’s the shame. Still, we have our fingers crossed that whoever voices Fisher will nail his gravelly tones.

You can read more about the radio series on the BBC’s website.

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