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Fortnite Star Wars

Star Wars Original Trilogy Skins are Back in Fortnite

Fortnite is giving players the chance to, once again, don the guise of one of the original trilogy Star Wars characters.

Well, we say “giving”, but Epic aren’t doling these out for free. You’ll have to spend some V-Bucks to get your hands on Han Solo, Princess Leia or Luke Skywalker. The trio have previously been available to purchase, but they were rotated out of the online shooter’s shop.

Yes, it’s FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out – all over again. Epic is no doubt hoping that players will snap up these characters before they disappear. They’re available all this week, dubbed “Skywalker Week”, and rotate out of the shop this coming Tuesday. Han Solo and Princess Leia are reasonable facsimiles of the original trilogy’s characters, though Luke looks a little off.

Stormtroopers are also back, as is Darth Vader and you can also uncover various lightsabers, Luke’s included. You won’t get to choke other players as Vader but you can at least pretend using the appropriate emote.  Fortnite needs to maintain a level playing field and letting you murder everyone with Force Lightning would unbalance the game.

What is notable about this crossover, and other Marvel/Star Wars related Fortnite ones, is that Disney is relatively careful about how games and other media portray its characters. But those who purchase a Star Wars skin can have it perform virtually any in-game emote or action, from Rick and Morty’s Get Schwifty dance to teabagging a fallen opponent.

The Fortnite Star Wars skins are available up until November 8, 2022, at 9 AM ET. You can find out more on Epic Games’ Skywalker Week page.

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