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The Best Pokémon Gifts To Buy This Holiday Season

With the holiday season coming up, it’s time to start thinking about one thing: buying gifts.

It comes around every year and, if you’re anything like us, you’ll always leave it until the very last minute. Hopefully we can try to combat that this year with a range of gift guides to help you buy super cool (and often inexpensive) things for your nearest and dearest. Today? We’re rounding up the best Pokémon gifts to buy for your pocket monster-mad friends and family.

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Pikachu Mega Construx

While we’re a little salty that The Pokémon Company didn’t partner with LEGO for a licensing deal, some of the Mega Bloks/Mega Construx sets have been pretty nice. One of the newer ones is this Pikachu in motion. Pikachu is mounted on a display plinth, and by turning the crank at the back, he’ll appear to run. It’s adorable, and makes for a great display piece on any Pokémon lover’s desk.

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Pokémon Socks

Pokemon Gifts Socks

Alright, socks might be seen as a universally rubbish gift. It’s the sort of thing you get from an aunt you haven’t seen in 15 years because she doesn’t know what else to buy you. But when those socks have Pokémon imagery all over them, we’d argue it’s a completely different situation. We all need socks. And why wouldn’t we want socks with Pokémon on them? Exactly.

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Pokémon: Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook

Pokémon Gifts Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook

One of the best gifts you can buy any Pokémon fan is the Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook. Published by Scholastic, it features facts and statistics on over 875 characters, covering all regions of the Pokémon universe. It’s the ultimate need-to-know guide, telling you everything you could ever want to know about your favourite pocket monsters.

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Pokémon Band-Aids

Pokémon Band-Aid gift

Alright, this is more of a stocking filler than a full-on gift, but we absolutely love these Pokémon-themed Band-aids. Who wouldn’t want to cover up a graze with a Psyduck-themed plaster? They’re a lot of fun, and they’re only a few dollars.

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PowerA Pokémon Switch Controller

PowerA Switch Controller Pokémon gifts

PowerA has made absolutely tonnes of Nintendo Switch controllers, and many of those feature Pokémon. One of our favourite, and one that makes a great gift for any Pokémon fan, is this silver one featuring the faces of various Pokémon. It’s adorable! PowerA controllers are also well-built and pleasant to use. The wired connection means you don’t have to worry about batteries or charging, either.

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