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The Dark Pictures Anthology Games, Ranked Worst to Best

We love The Dark Picture Anthology. But not all of the entries have been created equally.

With the release of The Devil in Me, season one of Supermassive Games’ horror anthology has come to an end. And so, what better time for us to rank the games in The Dark Picture Anthology games? Starting in 2019 with Man of Medan, we’ve had a new game in the series every year, each one introducing us to a completely different story and a completely different cast of characters. But which ones are the best?

Read on to see our ranking of season one of The Dark Pictures Anthology, starting with the worst and making our way to the best. It has to be said that no games in the series are bad: we just love some more than others.

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4. Little Hope

Little Hope

There’s a lot we absolutely love about Little Hope, but one thing puts it at the bottom of the pile for us: its ending. This grim tale, which finds a bunch of students stranded in the titular town after a bus accident, has tons of atmosphere and some truly creepy creature designs.

But as the game comes to a end, it ruins absolutely everything with a closing scene that makes everything you’ve done seem utterly pointless. It’s a real shame. Still, while this is the worst entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology, it remains worthy of a play.

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3. Man of Medan

It’s not surprising that the game that kicked off The Dark Pictures Anthology is now the one that’s seems the most dated. But despite that, Man of Medan still provides a lot of fun for a few hours or so.

Following a group of friends who end up in trouble after embarking on a diving trip, Man of Medan keeps you on your toes with its mix of supernatural shenanigans and nautical conflict. But as the credits roll, will you be enamoured with its major twist?

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2. House of Ashes

House of Ashes

The great thing about The Dark Pictures Anthology is that every game in the series is unique. House of Ashes takes players to Iraq, where a raid leads to a bunch of soldiers being trapped in a vast underground temple. As if that isn’t bad enough, it seems something is down there with them.

Cue an action-packed yet still horrifying adventure, with some truly tense scenes and more player agency. This is undoubtedly one of the finest entries in The Dark Pictures Anthology so far.

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1. The Devil in Me

With a story inspired by the real-life serial killer H. H. Holmes who supposedly built a hotel specifically for murder, The Devil in Me is the latest entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology and also the best yet. While still being very cinematic, it feels more like a survival horror game than ever before, with characters even having their own inventories.

But it’s the events that unfold throughout the game’s running time that cement it as the best entry in the series for us. It has some genuine scares, plenty of gruesome moments, and it really feels like your choices and actions matter. We recommend you play all the games in the series, but if you have to play just one, make sure it’s this.

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