The Latest Dead Space Dev Diary Delves into the USG Ishimura

Dead Space Remake Ishimura

Think you know the USG Ishimura, as seen in survival horror Dead Space? Think again.

The third entry in EA/Motive’s Dead Space “Inside Dead Space” dev diary series delves into this massive planet-cracker, the location where Dead Space’s horrors unfold. And, it has to be said, it looks absolutely amazing.

Sorry, did we say amazing? We meant absolutely, horrifically nightmarish. That kind of amazing. Because while Motive praises the design of the original Dead Space’s Ishimura, they’ve given it one heck of an upgrade. Going by these new screenshots, and the recently released gameplay footage, it’s more cavernous than it’s ever been.

“It’s a corporate ship, it’s very de-personalized, but it also has this kind of cosmic horror, where it’s not hostile—it’s just gigantic, and indifferent,” explains senior writer Jo Berry. If, right now, you’re thinking “Event Horizon”, you’re absolutely right. Sure, the ship may not be possessed – probably – but it’s set to be a haunting presence in this remake.

The diary also reveals that locations that were only mentioned in the original Dead Space will appear in the remake. And, since you can explore the ship freely, you should be able to revisit any of those locations. The bad news is that since the game’s AI is going to handle Necromorph spawning, you could be in for a real shock.

You can read the full developer diary here and embrace Dead Space’s horrors when it launches this, landing on PC, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. And you can also pick up a collector’s edition that comes with a model of protagonist Isaac Clark’s helmet.