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The Repair House

The Repair House, Out in 2023, Might Be Our Next Favourite Sim

Announced at tonight’s PC Gaming Show, The Repair House from Fireshine Games and Quantum Logic Games might just be our next favourite sim.

The Repair House is a cosy simulator all about repairing broken items, fixing what needs to be fixed and giving items new facelifts as you go. In all honesty, it looks a lot like Workshop Simulator, a game we played and rather enjoyed earlier this year. But this looks more vibrant, more varied and, hopefully, a lot more polished.

Although the team behind The Repair House is small, it’s actually been founded by the creator of the original PC Building SimulatorIt means that Quantum Logic has experience in the simulation space – and particularly in the building and fixing sim space. It gives us hope that The Repair House may just be the sim game we’ve been waiting for.

You won’t just have a random selection of items presented to you to repair: you’ll have to hunt them down. That means visiting auction houses, flea markets and storage units to find hidden gems that you can add value to. We particularly like the idea of bidding on storage units. It sounds like there’ll be an element of risk versus reward involved: your unit could be full of junk, or contain hidden treasures. We can’t wait to become Storage Wars’ Barry Weiss, basically.

Watch the trailer for The Repair House below:

From the looks of it, there’ll be a wide range of items available to restore. From arcade cabinets to guitars and just about everything in between, you’ll have to go through all the steps needed to full restore them. That means painstakingly taking them apart, cleaning up each individual piece by sandblasting or washing, and repainting as necessary.

There’s no fixed release date for The Repair House just yet: there’s just a loose ‘2023’ window. It’ll be coming to PC via Steam and you can add it to your wishlist now. You can bet we’ll have more about the game close to release. We’ll be anxiously counting down the days.

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