The Settlers: New Allies Arrives on PC this February

The Settlers: New Allies 1

The Settlers: New Allies has finally settled (sorry) on a February release date.

This game, which sees you protecting a group of settlers and helping them expand their territory, was set to have seen the light of day a little earlier. But it was delayed twice, most recently in response to feedback from a closed beta. Now, The Settlers: New Allies has a new and hopefully final release date of February 17th next year.

Honestly – it’s about time, and we’re not just talking about the delays. It’s been twelve years since the last proper Settlers game and so we’re looking forward to tackling this one. In particular we have fond memories of playing the original, managing our little guys and realising our sub-par people management had doomed them. Hey, no-one’s perfect.

The Settlers: New Allies will feature three factions, Elari, the Maru, and the Jorn. The single-player mode will cast you as that first group, who have fled their homeland after a mysterious earthquake. But you can expect the game’s skirmish mode to let you play as all three factions.

Speaking of the skirmish mode, it’ll sport twelve suitably diverse new maps, and let you take on other players or battle against the AI. Yes, single-player is fine but sometimes you just want a quick brawl. There’s also hardcore mode with an AI opponent who, short of outright cheating, will do their best to crush you.

You can find out more about the game by watching the above developer video. None of the features seem massively revolutionary, but if The Settlers: New Allies can breath new life into the series we’ll be happy. There’s also an hour-long developer stream taking place this December 1st, via Twitch, at 3PM GMT / 7AM PT.

The Settlers: New Allies arrives on PC this February 17th, available via Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Game Store. It’s also in development for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation and Amazon Luna.