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Valorant Harbor

Valorant Patch Notes: Update 5.09 Goes Bug Squashing

The latest Valorant patch has arrived today, fixing a range of Agent-rated bugs including some affecting new addition Harbor.

Harbor, who was added with patch 5.08, sports a range of water-based powers, including being able to send a wave across the level. However, his abilities had the odd bug or two, which, as detailed in the patch notes, Valorant update 5.09 addresses.

Our favourite has to be that, sometimes, if you looked away from Harbor’s Cascade – essentially moving cover – it would disappear. Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels would be proud. Unlike some other patches, 5.09 doesn’t include any major map changes but if any of these bugs have been annoying you we’re sure you’ll appreciate developer Riot fixing them.

So just what does the multiplayer shooter’s latest patch address? Here’s the complete list from the official Valorant 5.09 patch notes.


  • Fixed a bug where Harbor’s Cascade would sometimes disappear when looking away from it (hotfixed during 5.08 patch cycle).
  • Fixed a bug where walking through Harbor’s Cove barrier was not blinding players at the intended distance (hotfixed during 5.08 patch cycle).
  • Fixed a bug where Harbor’s High Tide would have large gaps when cast in specific map locations.
  • Fixed a bug where Harbor’s Reckoning’s geysers would not spawn on the area where the player was standing.
  • Throughout this year, we’ve been periodically making improvements to Skye’s Seekers so that they more reliably and efficiently reach their target.
    • Small changes were made to how Skye’s Seekers navigate around obstacles after they’ve visually acquired their target.
    • If the target is intangible when the Seekers reach them, it will not debuff them. This includes Reyna while she is Dismissed and Yoru in Dimensional Drift.
  • Fixed an issue where Yoru would still enter his stealth and intangible state if he was detained while casting Dimensional Drift. The detain now properly interrupts the cast.
  • Fixed an issue where Fade could activate her Haunt and Seize projectiles to make them drop while she was Suppressed.
  • Fixed an issue where Reyna would auto-heal after a kill while in Empress even though she was Suppressed.
  • Fixed an issue where Sage could instantly break her Barrier by walling self into a corner.

This won’t be the last patch but it should put paid to anyone exploiting any of these bugs. And if you’re a fan of Skye, her enemy-tracking ability should be a little fairer, both for her and her foes. The patch notes also state that Riot is preparing “.. for larger changes coming later in the year”, so there’s more to come.

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