What Are Coins/Obols Used For in The Devil in Me?

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

As you’re playing through The Devil in Me, you’ll encounter old coins, known as obols, dotted around the environment – but what are they used for?

An obol is simply an old word for coin: historically, they were small, flat pieces of bronze or copper whose value was determined by their weight. While they were used for real-world trading, obols had another, slightly macabre function. In ancient Greek and Latin culture, they were placed in the mouth of the deceased to represent a toll for the ferryman. As interesting as that is, however, that’s not what obols or coins are used for in The Devil in Me.

In The Devil in Me, the obols you find dotted around are simply used to unlock bonus features. The more coins/obols you find, the more features you can access. It’s all completely extraneous to the game, and finding obols won’t affect your experience while playing. But if you’d like to enjoy extra content, they’re worth picking up. After all, we were simply glad of an excuse to poke around more dark corners of The World’s Fair Hotel.

To use the obols you’ve collected in The Devil in Me, head to the game’s main menu. From there, go to ‘Bonus Content’ then scroll down to ‘Dioramas’. Click on through, and you’ll see a list of different dioramas, all unlockable by spending your obols. You’ll need to reach certain points in the game before some of them become available, though.

As for how many obols are to be found in The Devil in Me? We’re not sure of the exact figure, but there’s a trophy/achievement for finding 200. Each coin has a different value: some are worth one, others five or ten.

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