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After Steam, Unreal and its Sequels are Being Delisted From GOG

Unreal Gold

Unreal, having already been delisted from Steam, is disappearing from GOG in just over two days.

Right now, you can still purchase Unreal Gold, Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor’s Choice Edition, Unreal 2: The Awakening Special Edition and Unreal Tournament GOTY. But as of 2PM UTC, Friday 23rd of December they’ll be delisted – gone.

Unreal, released in 1998, was a first-person shooter which, while entertaining enough in first player, sported a fun multiplayer mode. It was followed by the multiplayer-only Unreal Tournament which took things to the next level. We’ve not played it in a while but we can still remember chasing people with the remote-controlled redeemer missile. Happy days.

Except, after being yanked from Steam, the aforementioned titles are going. They’re getting removed at Epic’s request as they’re turning off online services for those titles. Their online services will also be disabled this January 23rd and, while Unreal Tournament 3 isn’t being delisted, its online services will be shut down for the short term.

If you’ve already purchased them you can still play them offline, but no-one will be able to purchase them from GOG after December 23rd. And, having scoured a few online stores, it looks as no-one will be able to purchase them anyway.

Well, barring physical copies which you can expect to go for silly prices on eBay. It’s disappointing news but what makes this whole affair seem daft is that Epic’s Unreal Engine began life as Unreal. It’s used by dozens, maybe even hundreds of game developers but the title that spawned it is being removed.

So, unless there’s a remaster waiting in the wings, it’s a sad day for Unreal fans. So snap them up while you can. 

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