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Ark: Survival Evolved Winter Wonderland

ARK: Survival Evolved’s Latest Update Features David Tennant and Raptor Santa

What do David Tenant and a velociraptor dressed as Santa have in common? Very little, but they both pop up in Ark: Survival Evolved’s latest content.

Running until January 5th, Ark: Survival Evolved’s winter event features, amongst other festive joys, Raptor Santa flying over the world. Yes, this dino-themed first-person survival game has a present-dropping dinosaur who soars over the land dropping presents. Prizes include loot, cosmetic miniature pets and more.

David Tennant won’t be soaring through the skies in the Tardis but he has lent his voice to Ark: Survival Evolved’s “Expanded Story Content Update”, which is available across all platforms. He’s voicing Sir Edmund Rockwell, whose explorer notes you stumble across in the game. Tennant previously featured in the game’s Genesis expansion, again as Rockwell, though it’s up to you to decide whether he’s friend or foe.

All that content is out now, but there’s more waiting in the wings. Starting this December 23rd, players can participate in the Survival of the Fittest Crossplay Prototype. Or, to put it another way – dino-riding punch-ups. Rather than just roaming the island, bumping into other players, this mode will feature more intense player-versus-player action.

If you don’t have Ark: Survival Evolved yet, it’s available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. It’s also free on Xbox Game Pass and proved sufficiently entertaining that it made our list of Best Survival Games on PS4.

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