Cities: Skylines’ Financial Districts DLC Opens its Doors Today

Cities Skylines Financial Districts
Cities Skylines Financial Districts 1

Cities: Skylines gets a little bigger today, with its Financial Districts DLC, adding stock exchanges and more to the game.

We’re immediately picturing the ridiculous, fraudulent excess of The Wolf of Wall Street but hopefully the Financial Districts DLC, which requires the full version of Cities Skylines, is a little less off-the-rails. It adds 72 new office buildings, new plazas, new trade buildings and much more.

And what’s the point? Aside from making your city more diverse, it should prove profitable too. Speaking of profit, it’s not free – it’s paid DLC, priced at reasonable £5.79. But if you’re intent on creating your own Wall Street, it could be worth picking up.

And if not? There’s also a patch launching today which includes some free content and plenty of fixes. You can find the full patch notes here, but the highlights include:

  • Five new pets for citizens (this is a super important update).
  • Buses no longer stray out of their bus lanes.
  • You can now select building variations.
  • Roads and bridges on steep terrain no longer have strange gaps.

You can find our review of Cities: Skylines here. Yes, it was released in 2017 but developer Colossal Order has spent the last five years adding new content, piece by piece.

Cities: Skylines Financial Districts is out now and, like the main game (which it requires) is on Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, Xbox and PlayStation.