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Diablo Immortal is Getting a Major Update Tomorrow

Diablo Immortal

Are you still playing Diablo Immortal? Then we have good news: it’s getting a major update tomorrow, 14th December.

That major update is adding a brand new zone, known as Stormpoint, as well as more bosses, higher difficulty levels, new Legendary Gems and, of course, a new Battle Pass. Let’s dive into the Diablo Immortal update into more detail.

Called Terror’s Tide, this is the second major update that Diablo Immortal has seen since its launch this summer. This one is the biggest yet, too, as it’s bringing the first new zone to the game: Stormpoint. This area won’t be available until a player is at least level 60 and has reached Hell Difficulty III – so it’s for seasoned players only. But make it to Stormpoint, and you’ll find a brand new Questline to follow through, 20 new monsters and new bosses and minibosses.

Diablo Immortal‘s update also brings three new difficulties: Hell VI, Hell VII and Hell VIII. If you’ve exhausted everything that Immortal has to offer so far, this will be music to your ears. The higher Hell difficulties mean that you can go up against tougher enemies and seek out higher rewards – and pushing your character to the max is the whole point of any Diablo game.

Speaking of higher rewards, Daily Activities now offer players a chance to get Legendary items. The Bounty chest has a higher chance to trop a Legendary item, and completing a Bestiary quest will guarantee a Legendary item on the first drop of the day. Furthermore, completing three dungeons each day will guarantee a Set item once per day, rewarded via the Codex. Hooray for high level loot.

And here’s what those five new Legendary Gems do:

  • Heartstone – a one-star gem that increases the duration of absorb shields by 36%.
  • Kir Sling – a two-star gem that gives a 15% chance when attacked to release a burst of Blinding light.
  • Volatility Shard – a two-star gem that triggers an explosion dealing 90% base damage + 365 to all nearby enemies when you defeat an enemy.
  • Concentrated Will – a five-star gem that calls a guardian angel to your aid every time you use a Dash skill. The guardian angel unleashes a blast of holy light dealing 135% base damage + 547 to all enemies in its path.
  • Hellfire Fragment – a five-star gem that conjures three hellfire blazes every time you use a skill. The hellfire blazes seek out enemies within six yards of you, dealing 108% base damage + 510.

There’s much more to the new Diablo Immortal update, too, including new paragon trees, character balancing, and a new barber in Westmarch. You can read more about the update on Blizzard’s website.

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